Sarah Appleton

 Paris based jeweler, Sarah Appleton, is a descendent of the Bonebakker family with a legacy lasting over two hundred years in the silver and goldsmith business. She took interest in the family trade of jewelry making at a young age. Influenced by her mother, an artist and self-taught jeweler, she started learning how to solder and work with metal, making silver handcrafted pieces. As an adult she was given jewelry made by her American uncle, a silver and goldsmith who trained with Native American masters utilizing ancient techniques. These one-of-a-kind family heirlooms became the inspiration for her namesake jewelry collection. In 2012, Appleton followed her heart and moved from New York to Paris where she developed her first collection.

Sarah makes each piece in the center of Paris, alongside her team of skilled French artisans. She is responsibly working with 18k recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds, combining traditional and contemporary goldsmith techniques. Defined by a clean aesthetic, the silhouettes are fluid and modern, often catching the eye when the gold or a precisely placed diamond reflects the light. The namesake collections embody an easy and timeless elegance meant to be worn and loved daily.

“I seek out the almost imperceptible details that surround us - line, color, form, and light in the subtle geometries of everyday life. I look at our relationships to each other and our bodies in relation to art, architecture, and nature.”